Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekends go by too fast

That's a lot of gas huh?

Seems like it was just Thursday of last week and all of a sudden it's Monday...crazy!  Very busy weekend, tons done - most importantly, I stayed on-track!

I went to My Fit Foods and stocked up on meals for a weekend at the lake. What I found was that most of it was pretty good, and filling, but man $9 a meal? For real? I can go to HEB and pick up a bunch of stuff for 1/3 that cost and it'll be just as good. Convenience has a high price, doesn't it?

This weekend I was able to get three dives done, and now have one more to go to finish up a technical diving course. Our plan is to dive an oil rig next weekend in the gulf so we can get the depth since the lake isn't deep enough now (at current levels, its 124' to the bottom).

Krav Maga
Straight punch & low punch, more of the same, getting better, but still need lots of work. Inside defense work is tough, too.

KO Bag Kickboxing
Seemed like a burpee & round-kick

Two technical dives at Lake Travis, both over an hour. Sure is cold at the very bottom of the 55 degrees! Yikes!

Yoga - 45 min

Technical dive at Lake Travis, just over 90min. Those stairs + well over 100lbs of gear is no joke!

KO Bag Kickboxing
Dude...the instructor must have come in a bad mood. He roughed us up :)  Awesome happy hour, if you like pain and sweating a lot.

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