Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mar 10 - Starting to feel human again

I'm 90% over the flu and the fever is gone! Back to WOD fun tomorrow. I think I'll go on a nice walk with the dog through my new hood tonight and see how that goes. No need to prolong any sickness then end up having to miss another workout at CrossFit Central this week. Missing class sucks!

Foot/Ankle mobility work - Done
Dog Walk to come

  • 730am - Eggs, sausage, red bell pepper (my fav!), coffee, water
  • 1045am - Sausage, banana, nuts, water
  • 230pm - Pork tenderloin seared in coconut oil, tomato, water
  •  750pm - Baked Mahi fillet, baked yam, steamed veg, water
I was considering not logging food because it's a bit of a pain, but why derail a train that's really worked great for me over the last two months?  I had a great challenge, but I've got more to do. No time for complacency.

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