Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19 - A foster dog coming already!

Well that was fast. Looks like a 4yr old female German Shepherd is going to be living here starting tomorrow until she gets a new forever home! Check here or FB for photos and info etc...and a new blog for the new girl maybe!
Modified 1/2 Murph
1/2 Mile run
50 pushups
75 abmat situps
100 Squats
1/2 Mile run
Time:  17:22
  **pushups etc NOT partitioned ala Cindy-style. Need my pullup bar!!

50 double unders, no sub. forced and whipped myself until done. Sucked!

100 Days of 100 Squats Challenge

Day 45...100 Squats (included in the above!)

  • 740am - fried eggs (in bacon pan), turkey bacon, tomato, almonds, water, coffee w/honey
  • 1155am - turkey breast, carrots, almonds, water
  • 230pm - turkey patty, water, pistachios
  • 540pm - turkey patty, tomato, banana, almonds, water

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