Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar 30 - Reboot and plug back in

I took a few days away from blogging, logging, and the normal routine. I was feeling rather over it all of a sudden. I had a great last few days...I was on the go the whole time! I hiked, I ran a lot, I went scuba diving, I went bike riding, and the dogs walked and jogged more than usual.  So, no I didn't do any real "WOD" per-say, but I had a great mental break while still earning plenty of showers. I liked this little reboot period, and I feel like I still was on track for my overall goals without the mental drag I was feeling :)  I did knock out my squats every day... they're getting easier. I am gonna do pushups next...that'll be harder for sure.

Modified Angie
100 double unders
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

100 Days of 100 Squats Challenge
Day 55...100 Squats - duh, see above :D

Man the double unders in my WOD took SO long, and my legs appear to be whipped! My jump-rope sucks, and I need to get my pullup bar up.

I'm super pissed that I had to miss my class yesterday, but sometimes work things happen unexpectedly. Had I known, I would have gone at 615am.  Oh well, enough about that :))

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  1. James, I'm finishing up 31 days of 100 sit ups. Zach suggested 100 pushups for April. I dunno, that's a lot of damn pushups. But, I guess that's why its a challenge!