Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mar 13 - Rebuilding the gym

Saturday, such great weather. Sucks to work on the garage all day rather than being out in the great weather, but it needed to get done!  I'm almost there. A trip to Tractor Supply Co. tomorrow for another stall mat and a pullup bar and I'll be all set (for now). The garage was the freakin' dumping ground during the move, so there was so much crap just thrown everywhere on top of other stuff! Also, I had to take down and move some shelves the previous owners had put up, move stuff to atic, etc etc etc...11 hours!!  Not a fun Saturday!!

100 Days of 100 Squats Challenge
Day 39...100 Squats

  • 830am - Egg omelet with mushroom cooked in bacon grease, tukey bacon, coffee, water
  • 1220pm - Turkey, banana, almonds, water
  • 245pm - Turkey, carrots, lara bar, water
  • 445pm - Turkey, sunflower seeds, water
  • 650pm - Brisket, baked sweet potato, water, glass of red wine
  • 850pm - celery stalk w/almond butter, water

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