Monday, March 22, 2010

Mar 20-21 - BUSY weekend!

Saturday, Bonnie arrived from Louisiana. She's a rescued German Shepherd that I will be fostering until she gets her forever home. We spent the weekend going on long walks, working on house manners, meeting people at a meet & greet, and learning where to go to do her business since going inside my house is not allowed.

Check out my rescue blog!

To sum up the weekend's exercise and such, I did my squats both days (46th and 47th day), worked on my foot and ankle stretching, and went for nice runs in my new 'hood both days of just under 3 miles. The pace wasn't real fast on the runs, but wasn't bad considering I had a big dog's leash in each hand.

Food was pretty ok, so save the sandwich I had from Starbucks and a piece of chocolate mint candy (which was incredible), I didn't feel I had a bad two days overall. Back to work on the 22nd!

Sleep - ugh - a new dog plus my dog = not one good night of sleep in a few days. I hope they are settled tonight, because it's not fun!

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you foster dogs....If only i didn't live in a box.