Friday, March 26, 2010

Mar 26 - The greenbelt is not your trash can.

Every time I go to the greenbelt, I find something else I love about being there. I don't mean the asshats that leave beer cans and cigarrette butts all over the place. I can't even count how many cans and shit I saw today. It's really frustrating. Usually I will pick up some here or there, but with two dogs my hands were full today. Seeing that much trash pisses me off, you know?  How hard is it to haul out the shit you carry in?


Anyway... on a positive note, I have all kinds of diving lined up this weekend. Can't wait to blow some bubbles! The visibility wont be anything like this photo of me diving in Cozumel last year, but it'll still be fun :)

Greenbelt Jog/walk w/the dogs
- 2.5hrs
Awesome change of pace! Feeling great after.

100 Days of 100 Squats Challenge
Day 51...100 Squats

Yoga - 30min

  • 730am - Eggs, turkey bacon, coffee w/coconut milk & honey, water
  • 1130am - Pork loin, tomato, celery w/almond butter, water
  • 140pm - Whey shake, almonds, water
  • 300pm - Sausage, celery w/almond butter, water
  • 830pm - Rudy's bbq! Turkey, ribs, brisket...oh my...and some unsweetened tea.
  • 915pm - nice glass of champagne to celebrate Friday hehe

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