Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally the sun returns to Austin

It's been a really freakin dreary last few days around here. Rainy and cold is not my favorite weather...there is a reason I don't live in Seattle!

Last week I pulled a muscle in my right calf, and it had been giving me problems on Saturday so I adjusted my workouts to let that work itself out.

Today the calf is feeling good, the run went OK except that I had to take a pee break at .5 miles in...wasn't a big issue, but I don't like having to stop running once I get going!

WOD 2011-Jan-15 
Active rest day - TP/Foam roll etc

WOD 2011-Jan-16
90 min hike w/dogs

WOD 2011-Jan-17
Run 5k

4hr break (work!)

2hr hike w/dogs... totally relaxing, yet another shower needed :)

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