Monday, January 10, 2011

Know when to say when?

Duke - Adopted Jan 9, 2011

9 Jan 2011
Headed up to the gym to lift some heavy shit. What a great way to start the weekend, right?

I paid the dumb-ass tax, to be honest. I did not do a really good warm-up, mainly because I was in a hurry to get in and get out due to a couple coming over to meet & adopt Duke. Speaking of Duke, we had really bonded and I will miss him a lot!

Anyway, back to the a piss poor warmup = piss poor workout.Only 335 on deadlift, where 425 is my PR. My back was hurting, legs were sore and tight, and just felt "bad" when I went to lift. Yikes...the pain in middle of my back didn't go away so i stopped deadlifting. Went to do "Borg" and could barely squat 135.... great, just great. I can freakin curl that. Time to put the ego aside and say when. I was able to get some HIIT bike work done to at least earn my shower.

WOD 2010-Jan-07
Dead Lift
315-315-315-335-365(miss) WTF!

Max rounds
Perform one set every minute on the minute, add 10# per round until failure
2x Back squat (starting weight 135#/85#)
DNF - too much back pain

HIIT bike, 4 rounds

42 degrees...rain...windy...cold....what to do? Go scuba diving! haha

What a bad idea. The weather wasn't a big deal thanks to a drysuit, but the viz in the lake was 1-3' and hardly any ambient light coming past 20-30' due to the cloud-cover.

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