Monday, January 24, 2011

Running ... a work in progress

I have never been a fan of running, but I was (at least) a competent runner while in the Army. Mostly this due to not having any choice in the matter. My best two-mile run time was 12:38 and, as a company, we commonly ran 5-mile runs in 40min (8min/mile pace) two or three times a week. The 82nd Airborne is not a unit that accepts mediocre PT from its soldiers, so if you were falling out of runs, you got to run again after work ended until you could keep the pace. No one wanted to do that so we ran our asses off.

Fast forward 12 years and, to say the least, running is a hell of a lot harder! That said, I am starting to really feel some progress! I ran my Monday 5k today in under 30min, which I have not done in nearly a year! I understand that running alone is not the be-all end-all of fitness, but it sure is effective!

WOD 2011-Jan-24
Run 5k

Extra Credit
25 back extensions
25 leg lifts, straight legs
25 knees to chest

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