Friday, January 7, 2011

Strong is awesome

This morning I had to get in and get out so I put together a good workout that I could get done within an hour.

After a good warmup, I headed to the weights to do some shoulder press. I did 5x135 to get loose and then started my 1 rep sets. Half way through my heavy reps, a guy I've seen in there before, but never talked to asked me how my "heavy squats" were going while I was resting a bit. When I said "I'm doing shoulder press" he gave me a funny look and said "" and walked away. 185 is a heavy squat? For real? I love it haha!

The Tabata run was fucking miserable, so my bubble was kinda burst from the ego stroking a few min prior.  I did a 400m run to loosen up, then 20 cycles of Tabata starting at 8mph for the first 12, 4 at 9mph, and the last two at a miserable and suck-tastic 10mph. I capped it off with another 400 to close out that "fun." I will be a better runner this year, no matter how many times I puke or almost puke.

Looking forward to lifting heavy shit tomorrow & going diving on Sunday!

WOD 2011-Jan-06
Row 500
Run 400

Strict Shoulder Press

Run 400
Tabata run x 20
20sec sprint - 10sec rest
Run 400

Cash Out
30 medball situps
30 back extensions

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