Monday, January 3, 2011

Ride & Run on New Years Day

Happy New Year everyone!

It was nice to wake up without cobwebs, no headache, not dehydrated, and not feeling like a truck hit me! Yep, I skipped the drinking and partying last night, save a couple small glasses of bubbly.

I headed up to 24hr fitness to get in a workout, and was actually surprised to see that the parking lot was empty and hardly anyone was there. Maybe nursing hangovers?  The bike work was harder than I expected, and I really felt it in the 1 mile run! Either way, it was a good start to 2011. Classes start back up at Crossfit Central this week, and I'm looking forward to what they've got for us.

45min random hill course, level 16 of 20
498 cal

1 mile

50 situps
50 hip extension

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