Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1 - Gut Check

As many single unders as possible unbroken: 171

EPOC Challenge WOD - Elite
Power Swings- 20, 18, 16…..6, 4, 2
Sprawls 2, 4, 6….16, 18, 20
Finish with five 40 yard sprints
11:55 RX

100 Days of Squats Challenge
Day 6 - 100 Squats...done!

Death by 10
10 meters on the min. Every minute, add 10 meters. Set up 2 cones 10 meters a part, and add one return trip each minute on the minute. You are to add 10 meters each round until you can no longer continue.
-11 rounds, timer started going off right as 11th sprint finished. 

Death by 10 idea from Elliot's blog post.

  • 730am - Egg, mushroom, jalapeno omelet cooked in coconut oil, coffee, water
  • 11am - Sausage, flax bread w/sun butter, water
  • 250pm - Boiled shrimp (NO sauce!), boiled egg, tomato, flax bread w/sun butter, water
  • 810pm - Broiled Steak, 1/2 sweet potato, small tomato, bell pepper, water (post workout)
Today was one of those days. Very stressful day at work, meeting with mortgage company to sign 10000 pages, and general strife. I didn't really want to work out. I told myself that I had not had a complete rest day with nothing since Jan 9, and I was tired, and I was blah blah blah... So I took a 45min nap, woke up and laced up my shoes and took care of business.

Death by 10...Um, the name fits!


    1. James, you are killing this challenge:)

    2. Dude! Thanks for not cheesing that are inspiring folks!