Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3 - Sick of rain and cold, anyone?

Sometimes, the cold and rain can bring you down or even make you feel trapped. This is especially true when you are a 74lb dog that doesn't get to go for her weekly two hour hike on the greenbelt just because her owner doesn't feel like spending an hour bathing her. She sits there watching and hoping I'm about to grab the leash and my keys every time I go to the kitchen for water or whatever. Life isn't fair, sometimes, but sorry Ally - no muddy dogs today, I have much to do and little time.

Scheduled Rest Day - Wednesday
Usual warmup w/400 run

100 Days of Squats Challenge
Day 8 - 100 Squats...done!

Namaste, 30 min
More TP/Foam roll after

  • 730am - Eggs, turkey bacon, tomato, sun butter, coffee, water
  • 1150am - Chicken & Jalapeno sausage, two tomatoes, couple mushrooms, nut & seed mix, water
  • 300pm - Can of tuna, apple, nut & seed mix, water 
  • 730pm - Shrimp stuffed baked salmon, steamed zucchini, water
  • 945pm - Boiled egg, almonds, water
I'm pretty happy with my stuffed salmon recipe (linked above), but need to tweak it a little. May try flax seed rather than almond meal next time. 

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