Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18 - Crazy day in Austin today

As many of you know, some guy flew a plane into a building b/c he owed money to the IRS or something.  Driving home from CrossFit Central today I heard a woman on KLBJ (caller, not a KLBJ person) saying that it was OK because he was very upset...unreal to really say (and believe) such a thing.  Jennifer, whoever, you

CrossFit Central WOD
5 rounds for time:
400m Run
15 OH Squats
M:95 F:65

100 Days of 100 Squats Challenge
Day 23...100 Squats
Broke it up 10x 5 pullups & 10 squats to get some extra pullups in.

Back really sore from sleeping. Yes, sleeping. Woke up with back pain, which is really weird for me. Spent a lot of time with the foam roller since working out and it's helping.

  • 755am - Egg omelet w/turkey bacon cooked in olive oil, coffee, water
  • 140pm - Can of tuna, small banana, water (pwo)
  • 515pm - Chicken sausage, tomato, nuts, water
  • 730pm - Pork loin seared in coconut oil, a little mashed potato (no gravy), steamed veggies, water
  • 900om - boiled egg, nuts, water
I know mashed potato aren't "paleo" approved, but once every so often isn't gonna kill me.

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