Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23 - Up in the mornin' 'fore the break of day!

CrossFit Central WOD
30 muscle-up for time
12:04 (jumping MU, shared rings w/buddy)

Post Party
3 rounds of medball core work, 12lb ball (the tax for being last in WOD - no more lighter balls)

100 Days of 100 Squats Challenge
Day 28...100 Squats

I really like working out early. It's the first 10min of the day that are such a struggle....once I get moving it's great.

  • 750am - Eggs fried in EVOO, turkey bacon, banana, coffee w/a little honey, water (pwo)
Edit:  Some days, this town really pisses me off.  OH GOD it's snowing, everyone's gonna die! Let's close everything and send people home!! Title company just sent their employees home, so I can't close on my house. Fucking awesome. At least I'm wasting vacation days like they're free.  Fuck you, snow.

So today is NOT the day. I  WAS supposed to close on my house this afternoon at 1:30. Barring any bullshit with the loan office, title company, lender, etc I should be painting walls and hanging a new ceiling fan in my new home office by this evening. I have a list of other projects that keeps getting longer the more I look around, but supposedly that's half the "fun."  

A lot of people keep asking if I'm excited, but the answer is an honest "not really."  I expect I'll change my tune once the move is done and the list of projects remaining is a lot smaller. I certainly wont miss living in the rental property I'm in now and the 400.00 electricity bills in the summer, so I guess that is exciting :))

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