Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 13 - Packing for time. to speak
One round for time:
Clean garage trash and sweep
Haul large box of old textbooks to Half Price Books
Haul load of old stuff to Goodwill
Pack four shelving units worth of stuff into boxes
Pack up stuff in living room that wont be used in the next few weeks
9:25 - that's nine hours, twenty-five minutes.

100 Days of Squats Challenge
Day 18 ... 100 squats.
I did a pullup or two every time I passed through the garage, knocked out my squats as I worked to clean, get rid of junk, pack, etc. It's amazing how much crap one can accumulate over time. I had boxes after boxes of stuff that hasn't been even looked at in over two years.  The huge trash bin is about 3/4 full and super heavy! Made a lot of progress, that's for sure.
No real WOD, though I feel like I did Fran about five times today. 
Something I need to work on - from time to time I let things bug me that shouldn't and I hold a grudge. Let it go, James, let it go...

  • 720am - Eggs fried in bacon grease, bacon - real, smoked thick sliced, coffee, water
  • 230pm - Chicken sausage, two tomatoes, sun butter, water
  • 500pm - Can of tuna, tomato, nut and seed mix, water
  • 830pm - Dinner at Texas Land and Cattle - Surf & Turf: Steak, shrimp, steamed veggies (yes, I can see the future, and the future is gonna be tasty), and a glass of red wine.

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