Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb 20 - WOD x 2 = Tired x 4

CrossFit Central EPOC Team WOD
3 rounds for time
Run 800m
30 pullups
30 Kettlebell swings, 32kg (72lb)
26:29 Rx'd

100 Days of 100 Squat Challenge
Day 25...100 Squats  = 25% done!!

CrossFit Kettlebell Seminar WOD
Power Swing, 32kg
Push Press, 32kg
7:02 Rx'd

Not the fastest time in the KB WOD at 7:02, but I was the only one to use the beast 32kg bell.

Me and that 2pd aka 32kg aka 1/2 Randal kettlebell are becoming better friends as I get stronger and use better technique. That said, that thing is fuggin heavy and will certainly put the wood to you while making sure you remember the "fun" times spent together :))

  • 750am - Eggs fried in olive oil, turkey bacon, nuts, coffee, water
  • 1010am - Whey shake, dried apple slices, water (pwo mini-Eva)
  • 130pm - Pork, banana, water (pwo KB wod)

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  1. That 32kg is a mean mofo! Way to rock it yesterday, I'm bummed i had to miss the kettlebell fun.