Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb 19 - Last day of work for a while :)

So after today vacation starts until March 4, but what an ugly day.  Ugly outside, ugly pain in my lower/mid back, and ugly attitudes from most of my co-workers.

I basically took a rest day, spent some time w/the TP and foam roller to try to get the back feeling better for tomorrow. Yesterday's WOD w/overhead squats didn't go so well b/c of the back issue. With a big weekend of working out, packing to move, etc I saw no need to make things worse.

Spent about 4hrs packing, cleaning, throwing stuff out. I have way too much stuff I don't use or need.

100 Days of 100 Squat Challenge
Day 24...100 Squats

  • 755am - Eggs cooked in bacon fat, bacon, tomato, coffee, water
  • 1145am - Can of tuna, dried apple slices, pistachios, water
  • 230pm - Chicken & jalapeno sausage, tomato, nut and seed mix, water
  • 500pm - Pork tamales (basically gutted the pork out), water
  • 745pm - Turkey, nut and seed mix, water
  • 945pm - Turkey, tomato, nuts, water

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