Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9 - Feeling really strong today!

Today has been one of those days where I just feel strong and ready to rock! I love that feeling, and now I know what it takes to stay there. I know every day wont be great, but I can surely have more good days than off days.

Normal warmup, but ZT threw a 20 burpee curve-ball at us today.

Crossfit Central WOD
1) Karen, 150 wall ball shots, 10' target, 20lb ball
7:00  RX - this is a PR by 2:32!!
  couple min break
Row 1000m for time
I know for sure that my 100 squats a day challenge really paid off today.

100 Days of Squats Challenge
Day 14 ... 100 squats. This was a bit hard today after Karen and rowing, but not terrible. More people are doing it with me, which is great!

25 pullups

Namaste, 30min session
TP/Foam Roll after

  • 740am - Eggs cooked in olive oil, turkey bacon, flax bread, sun butter, coffee, water
  • 200pm - Roasted turkey, tomato, baby carrots, water (pwo)
  • 345pm - Snacked on brisket leftovers, flax bread, sun butter, water
  • 500pm - Roasted turkey, tomato, almonds, water - another snack before going out to a movie. No popcorn allowed, right?


  1. Damn dude, I'm impressed all to hell! I'm gonna have to jump into the squat challenge!

  2. Thanks a lot...you both know progress isn't easy, but the payoff is worth the effort.