Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10 - I wish I could take naps

Today, I wish I could take a nap. I want to so very badly. I feel a bit tired and I definitely don't want to pack stuff up to move! The problem isn't falling asleep for a nap, it's that I'll be screwed later because I will not be able to fall asleep until a ridiculous hour. Oh least I'm getting around 8hrs/night now, rather than 5. I just put my Trigger Point set to good use and am looking forward to class tomorrow!

Wednesday is my rest day, which I've picked because it falls between my class days at CrossFit Central. Today sure is a good day to just lay up - it's cold, rainy, and just blah out.

Rest & Recovery Day
TP/Foam rolling
Normal warmup

100 Days of Squats Challenge
Day 15 ... 100 squats.

30 min, Namaste
TP/Foam rolling to close

  • 740am - Egg omelet w/jalapeno cooked in olive oil, turkey bacon, flax bread, almond butter, water, coffee
  • 1130am - Baked turkey breast, tomato, plumb, coconut water, almonds, water
  • 245pm - Chicken and jalapeno sausage link, half grapefruit, handful of baby carrots, pistachios, water
  • 5pm - Snacked on some roast beef, carrots, almond butter, water

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