Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 - Back to work.


Photo from - very good illustration, isn't it?
OHS broomstick rather than regular squats, the rest at usual

Deadlift, 300lbs (all I have at home)
2 min between each set

Front squat
Push Jerk
13:28 Rx

100 Days of Squats Challenge
Day 19 ... 100 squats.
The deadlift was a modification of the .COM WOD from a few days ago. Because I don't have squat stands (or a spotter), deadlifts seemed like a good plan. Felt pretty good, but not great - haven't done any heavy DL for a while. The last few sets of two were easier than the first, which is interesting. 
The WOD was much harder than I expected, but not the hardest I've done. Need to work harder on jump/land/reset feet. I'm not too thrilled w/my time, but it's not terrible considering the DL etc done before it.

Feels good to feel good again, and to be way ahead of the game as far as packing and preparing to move.

  • 630am - Two eggs fried in bacon fat, bacon, coffee, water
  • 1230pm - Leftover grilled salmon ( about 2oz), tomato, nuts, water
  • 300pm - Plumb and some nuts, water 
  • 500pm - Small whey shake, water (pwo)
  • 600pm - Cajun pan seared orange roughy (seared in coconut oil), steamed broccoli and carrots, water

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