Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11 - I want to WIN!

After five days of WODs in a row, I was thinking that I may take a rest day today or do some active recovery stuff at most, but I was feeling pretty good. Here we go...

EPOC WOD #2 - Elite
4 Rounds for time
10 Dumbbell Thrusters, 45lb*
10 Burpees
*Don't have 45lb dumbbells, so used barbell w/25lb bumpers - 95lbs*

Post Party
50 abmat situps

  • 750am - egg beaters (about 3/4 cup), turkey bacon, coffee, banana, and about 2tsp of organic trail mix (all raw, organic, unsalted seeds, almonds, dried apricot, dried apple), water
  • 1205pm - protein shake, a little trail mix, water
  • 245pm - turkey burger patty, salad (spinach, mushroom, 1/2 tomato, walnuts, EVOO), water
  • 540pm - protein shake, banana (post workout)
  • 815pm - chicken sausage, steamed vegetables, pistachios, water


  1. You're doing so great James. This team is full of winners so how can we lose? :)

  2. Thanks Barbara! It's awesome to have the support :)

    We will win!!