Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12 - 0500 alarm clock and rowing in the dark

I went to the 615am class this morning at CrossFit Central, as I'm going scuba diving today. It's pretty shocking to hear the alarm going off at 0500 when you aren't used to it, but once you get going and get the WOD done, it's awesome! I feel great now. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow -- today made 7 days of WODs in a row! Anyway....

3 rounds went like this:
Row 500, 21 box jump - 24" box, 21 KB swings - 32kg
Row 500, 15 box jump - 24" box, 15 KB swings - 32kg
Row 500, 9 box jump - 24" box, 9 KB swings - 32kg
13:14 RX

We did a little post-party planking, too.

  • 520am - one egg, one scoop of raw nut & seed mix, water
  • 715am - three eggs cooked with a diced bell pepper, turkey bacon, mandarin orange, water, coffee (post workout)
  • 900am - roasted turkey breast, raw carrots, almonds, water (snack before going diving)
  • 1230pm - turkey jerky, pistachios, water
  • 230pm - roasted turkey, steamed mixed vegetables, 1/2 scoop of raw nut & seed mix, water
  • 545pm - roasted turkey, asparagus w/EVOO, water
  • 845pm - small (6oz) shake, mandarin orange, nut & seed mix, water

I've been listening to Robb Wolf's podcasts, and as a result will make a couple tweaks in what I'm eating post-workout. Less "fluid" meals (shakes, etc) and more real food.

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