Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20 - Burpee Backflips!?

Wow...check this out: Burpee Backflips! (.mov file - quicktime player required)

Will you add these to your routine?  I think not, personally. Crashing down on my head seems like a bad thing ;)

Rest & Recovery Day.  Did the usual CrossFit Central warmup followed by some good stretching and Trigger Point fun.

  • 755am - Two eggs, turkey bacon, small banana, coffee, water.
  • 1140am - Can of tuna, tomato, almonds, water
  • 245pm - Shake, little almond butter, water
  • 500pm - Chicken chunks from jambalaya, bell pepper, water
  • 745pm - Turkey pot roast, small yam, salad of spinach, tomato, bell pepper, walnuts, and water

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