Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 - Lungin' in the Rain

EPOC WOD #1 - Elite
Walking Lunge (WL) 100 feet, 50 sit ups (SU)
WL 100, SU 40
WL 100, SU 30
WL 100, SU20
WL 100, SU10
12:08 RX
-Abmat for situps

2min rest

AMRAP 3 min - KB swings, 20kg
63 reps

Shower = earned! I definitely got some odd looks as people drove by today.
  • 740am - Two eggs, turkey bacon, small banana, coffee w/1tsp coconut milk, water
  • 1230pm - Two eggs, 1/2 small yam, almonds, water (post workout - running late for meeting, had to just grab something and go)
  • 200pm - Can of tuna, 1/4 tomato, bowl of leftover spaghetti squash w/Rao's sauce - YUM!
  • 515pm - Chicken wings (baked, not the fried good kind heh), more spaghetti squash leftovers, coconut water, regular water.


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