Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18 - Makin' Angels


EPOC WOD - Elite 
AMRAP - 12 min
3 Shoulder Press 40 lbs  ** No DBs so used 95lb barbell**
6 Broad Jumps  ** 24" box jumps instead, wanted to use box I made! **
9 Supermans
Score: 13 rounds  + 2 Shoulder press 

Ran 1.5 miles after the above, and the time it took to fix a shelf that fell in the garage dumping scuba gear and crap all over.... took about 15min, but wasn't timed. 

  • 740am - Two eggs, small banana, couple almonds, water, coffee. Not feeling well, thought banana would help. It did, a little I think.
  • 1115am - Chicken & Jalapeno sausage, a tomato, small spoon of almond butter, water
  • 140pm - Leftover jambalaya and some water - lots of leftovers are still leftover
  • 715pm - Leftover jambalaya, nuts, water

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