Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17 - Beautiful day today!

3 rounds
50 squats
25 pullups
10 power clean, 135lb
14:40 RX

Well, the pullups are still taking so much time. Finished every round doing one, drop, jump right back up, repeat. Faster, better way.  Seems like pullups have been harder lately.

Chris mentioned, after the workout, that his goal is to do one!  I've been there, so I said I'd show him how I figured it out. So, concentrating on doing a good kip to show Chris, I did a few pullups which were, honestly, pretty easy!  Technique!  I had lost focus on the technique for whatever reason. Looking forward to the pullup bar now.  I will continue to do a few sets after class, too.


  • 700am - chunk of turkey, a few nuts, water
  • 1000am - 3 eggs, turkey bacon, tomato, almonds, coffee with a little honey, coconut water, water
  • 100pm - turkey breast, tomato, bell pepper, nut & seed mix, water
  • 500pm - Made the primal jambalaya this afternoon...AWESOME!

I didn't exactly follow the recipe - didn't use canned diced tomato, I diced up 4 ripe tomatoes instead. Also, added a couple Anaheim peppers and a couple serrano peppers.  A bit heavy handed on the hot, but I like it hot! I would also suggest using pulse on the food processor, as just turning it on makes the cauliflower almost a puree.  The recipe does make a LOT of food, so I'm glad it's good!


  1. Let me know how that Jambalaya is....

  2. Hey Barbara, I really like it. It's easy really, but definitely does take a good bit of prep time and cleanup!