Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14 - Rain with a 100% chance of brutality

Crossfit Central WOD
For time:
800m Run
100 Pushups
50 KB Snatch (25L, 25R), 24KG
50 KB Press (25L, 25R), 24KG
50 KB Figure 8 (25L, 25R), 24KG
100 Squats
800m Run

28:56 Rx.  A lot of wasted time trying to figure out a rhythm on the KB movements.  The last run, was a struggle but there is no walking in CrossFit so we pushed through!  What a killer WOD!

  • 740am - two eggs, turkey sausage, 1/2 tomato, hand full of mushroom, coffee with coconut milk (about 1tsp), water
  • 1125am - small piece of turkey and a hand full of almonds, water 
  • 140pm - turkey breast, chicken sausage, 1/2 small sweet potato, almonds, water (post workout)
  • 345pm - (snack) chunk of turkey breast, bit of chicken sausage, handfull of sliced mushroom, almonds, water
  • 715pm - Paleo Italian feast (recipe link below) - WOW! - and a bunch of water.

Almond crusted chicken breast with spaghetti squash

I have signed up for the 2010 Warrior Dash - Texas - I'll be running in the 9:30AM Wave. Anyone else going?


  1. HA! It was a doozy but nothing you can't handle!

    I'm in the 2:30pm Warrior heat...on-on

  2. You're doing AWESOME with your food and workouts-keep up the good work!

    I'm in the 3:00pm heat-should be a fun time! :)

  3. Awesome - by the time you two run, we'll be well into post-race celebratory beverages! Warrior Dash will not be a Paleo-friendly day haha!